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7 irresistible Places that will make you travel again

Weston Kloefkorn Travel Photographer

Some images carry such a strong appeal! It’s like they inhabit irresistibility. You smell the beach air, feel like you’re IN that picture, surrounded by sun and fresh wind. That’s why I totally fell in love with Wes’s photography: He portrays freedom in his photography. Pure. Stunning. Truly full of beauty. How can someone in his early twenties be so talented?

Date15. January 2017 /

Since he’s been traveling all over the place, Wes has been capturing unique perspectives in almost every continent and gives it a VSCO-typical toning, so slightly adding a vintage-charming clue.

I’m warning you: If you’ve already been suffering wanderlust, then these photos won’t help.

Highly contagious. Reviving your love for traveling. So be aware that you might be find yourself booking a flight again. Like ASAP.

Enjoy his modest best-of travel photography from places like Norway, Maui, Hungary, Greece, India & more!

1. Norway: Where would someone meet you on a free day here, Wes?

Grabbing a coffee, walking through the city.


Travel Photographer Weston Kloefkorn

2. When do you feel happiest in Maui:

With my father on the beach, it seems we have the most profound & life giving conversations there.


3. Could you imagine living in Amsterdam?

Yes, that would chill. I would imagine biking everyday & exploring new spots around.




4. The Budapest Vibes – which song would you link with this city?

“Sleep on the floor” by the Lumineers, I feel that the city is youthful yet sometimes dark. The song expresses to me how we all have opportunities to make this world a more joyful place, yet if you just sleep on the floor you’ll get nowhere.


5. Memories of smells in Greece:

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I remember the smells of the city of Mitillini, it smelled of salty sea, kebab shops & hooka smoke.



6. Most inspiring place for you in the UK:

Brick lane of London.


7. Happiest memory of your childhood in the US:

Running around on our family tree farm with my little sister.


Few more questions, just because:

Number of Countries you visited:

I think it’s around 22 as of now.


Country you HAVE to see in 2017:



Best photographer you know:

I’d probably say Maddy Pittman.


Photographic Trends in 2017:

Keep it clean, modern & full of color.

Thanks so much, Wes, for sharing these brilliant moments here! I’m really excited for what the future holds for you!

If you can’t get enough of his photos too, I highly recommend his Website and Wes’s Journal about his latest travels on VSCO. Make sure you follow his incredible Instagram too.

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I’m curious: Which of these places do you prefer, which have captured your attention most? Let me know!
I could also do a series of Wes’s portraits. Would you be interested in seeing these?

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