This is about people today.

The special kind of humans:
contemporary artists, creative thinkers.

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About I declare colors
Contemporary is now.
Contemporary is everything.

The word „ contemporary“ basically means a fixation on the PRESENT. Artworks you experience around yourself. Are they only fleeting, neglectable impressions? Yes, some. But others shape today’s cultural landscape. Where do your influences come from and who creates what you admire?

I want to KNOW about 
WHO is creating today.

Raw artists, contemporary masterminds – how do they think, what do they still dream of, and what do they like to eat for breakfast? Their lives. Their thoughts. Their visions. Let them blow away your 9 to 5-kinda box and take away the mystifying fog surrounding contemporary art. Because it is basically there to touch you and connect you with new ideas. Be surprised by how artists create today!

About I declare colors

Who creates what you admire?

We will be speechless. Or at least smiling.

Art is an important part of life! There may be colors nobody has ever seen before and ideas you’ve never heard of. Let’s explore together and get massively inspired.

I look for character, not masks.
The person behind the artwork.

Only the curious will inherit innovation – I want to be among those who know about tomorrow first. About what is being developed right now and what might be the next big thing very, very soon. And even if not, at least I could introduce you to another extraordinary human being. Because it was always about people, right?

Eva Karl

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About Me

Eva Karl
Eva – Visionary from head to toe.
The curious will inherit innovation.

Visionary from head to toe, joyful human and overall curious maverick. Call me Creative Director, graphic designer, journalist, photographer, lover of good communication and mozzarella. Also in love with Cupro, travelling and my Soundcloud. Located in Nuremberg, Germany, travelling all over the place. Love authenticity and approaching people the way they are. I think that artworks often speak for themselves, but sometimes you need to get to know the person behind the artwork. In order to understand their idea and concept behind it and to make their art understandable. That’s why I am so interested in people! I hope you too.

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