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This is my selection of the most post-internet-artsy (I don’t care if you call the term outdated unless you give me a better word ;), instagrammable artworks out there. Meaning lots of transparent textures, shiny surfaces and colorful appearances. My goal is pure overload. Artificial? Maybe. But enjoyable, for sure.

Date15. March 2018 /
If you are a lover of the brilliant TV series „Black Mirror“ or look for a merely practical interpretation of the already outdated term „Post-Internet-Art“, this is for you. For everyday-addicts of Instagram – as all of us are, huh? –, and for you as keen on aesthetics: This is my selection of the most post-internet-artsy, instagrammable artworks out there. Meaning lots of transparent textures, shiny surfaces and colorful appearances. My goal is pure, tasty overload. Too much for you? Goal reached. 😉
Reflections via glossy surfaces add a surreal shine to reality, maybe even contributing more layers to reality and your individual perception of it. Let me call it “mirrorism” for now.
Feel free to add your recommendations since this is just the appetizer, not the main course. May we all be visually pleased and touched by these superficial looks.
With vibrant love,
Keith Sonnier
Turn a puzzle piece into a massive sculpture and place it next to a wall. Make sure to involve certain pastel hues and your instagrammable look is complete.
Wow, can you beat this generosity of iridescent colors?
Martijn Hendriks
A very distinct yet aesthetic re-interpretation of black mirror. Like huge-scale smartphone displays. Suitable for your next selfie?
Aaron Curry
His sculptures look like floating entities, distorted and beautifully fragile. They still show human similarities – like Picasso, but less geometric and untamedly playful in its use of colors. Made for white cubes, everybody’s gallery darling …
Berta Fischer
Is it 2000’s kitsch? Is it a merely decorative expression of playfulness?
Francesco Lo Castro
Francesco uses acrylic glass like artists used paper as the medium for their artworks. The pastel colors cause a naive, friendly appearance yet its clear and dynamic triangular shapes draw on a tech-influenced, almost futuristic style. Is this the future of contemporary installations or just a typical post-internet artwork?
Yago Hortal
To me, he’s one of the original contemporary artists, bringing together the gestural methods of Jackson Pollock’s Abstract Expressionism and the vibrant joy of using even lush neon colors. Provides the perfect Instagramability 😉

Are you still with me?

Header: Yago Hortal

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