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It’s Time for Blog Launch!

What a milestone: Blog Launch! This Blog is about authenticity, presence & excellence. I know that these words seem quite pretentious, but it is truly who I am: This place is solely filled with topics that I sincerely care about. I DECLARE COLORS is the stage for extraordinary persons.

Date11. January 2017 /

What is I DECLARE COLORS about?

I DECLARE COLORS passionately revolves around contemporary art and creative people. Thus artists and influencers in the realm of cultural landscape in all its diversity.

My goal: making contemporary art tangible.

I get to understand the big picture better by talking to important protagonists of the art world – like artists, museum directors, curators, …

Read more on the About Page.

I am wondering where these conversations with extraordinary humans will lead me. At least, I will get to know people with remarkable life plans who express these in their own respective shape.

This is what this whole thing is about: Questions! Which colors have not yet been invented, which new fashion materials are in development right now, which sounds impact the music world and which direction are contemporary art & culture currently going? From a place of bold curiosity, a merciless urge for knowledge and a sincere attraction towards interesting persons, I ask the questions:

What is going on now? What will be tomorrow?

I am sure that artists keep on creating new things. I mean conceptual mindsets or a specific revolutionary artwork turning whole industries upside-down. Let me get to know today’s masterminds who shape the perception of contemporary art. Who are they? An exceptional artwork originates from an exceptional artist because unique beings create unique things. Which doesn’t mean that I always agree on their opinion 100%.

I DECLARE COLORS is the stage for a lively presentation of art. Because it is always exciting when you get to know people – which is exactly what I am going to do.

No big secrets, but – as far as possible – authentic conversations.

Let’s start with a profound dialogue with artist Constantin Schroeder in Berlin whom I could visit in his studio last autumn. Here you find 12 Questions and Constantin’s answers about Decadence & Berlin Vibes.

I am looking forward on many more suprising encounters with persons who make your perception of contemporary art more tangible. Thank you for your support!

Let’s do this: read / comment / share / read further / get inspired. Cheers to much more to come!

Thank you!

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Do you have questions or ideas? Write them down right here. 🙂

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