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7 Questions for a thoughtful Builder of Sculptures

If you take a closer look at Alfred Haberpointner’s enormous works made of wood, you recognize the depth of the surface texture. The established Austrian sculptor has been working on his impressive installations, objects and drawings for many years. His artworks range between a traditional & abstract approach. They are on display across Europe and even further.

Date08. February 2017 /
How did you discover that you love art?
I crafted wood sculptures when I was a child because wood was available. Back then, I didn’t know the term “art”. My development was not predetermined. But there was no other option – I neither knew about another apprenticeship nor was I interested in doing something else. Over the course of my progress, I got to the point where I am today.

Wood is a complex material because it provides inner dynamics.

What do you value concerning a material like wood?
I like the dynamic structure and color, but also facets of nature that play a role in my creation. I like the texture and toughness of the material. If you work on wood manually, you can achieve a spatial and pertinent depth. By painting on it, you could even obtain an appropriate chromatic abstraction.

Which role does the color red play in your artworks?
I view the shade red as a middleweight hue. White is lightweight, black represents heavyweight. In my latest works, I have been using color to abstract chromatic objects and accentuate spatiality.

Tell me about a normal day in your studio.
Since I need a lot of time to manufacture my artworks, I spend as much time in my studio as possible.

When I am surrounded by quiescence and space, I find inspiration for my work.

Which environment inspires you?
I need to have an unscheduled span of time set apart from other occupations – that time period can be filled with cultural events, when you’re travelling or in nature.

What are you planning to work on in the near future?
I have several ideas and notes I’d like to try out which depends on particular workshops and their collaboration.

Where do you calm down?
I get some peace in nature and when I am hiking.

Photos: Courtesy Alfred Haberpointner

Thank you very much, Alfred!

Find further artworks and more detailed information about his biography on Alfred Haberpointner’s website. Here you can also scroll through firsthand impressions of art fairs and exhibitions all over the world.

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